Yom Kippur Part 2

Riutal Immersion

The Immersion of the Kohen Gadol

On the morning of Yom Kippur, the Kohen Gadol ascends the stairway above the Water Gate, in order to perform his first of five required immersions into the ritual bath on Yom Kippur.

Ritual Immersion

The Immersion of the Kohen Gadol (Continued)

The remaining four immersions that take place during the day are done in a ritual bath atop the Parva Chamber. A white lined sheet is held up separating the Kohen Gadol from the onlookers. This is done as a reminder to all onlookers that the Kohen Gadol will administer the Atonement service wearing white garments only.

Sanctifying Hands & Feet

The Kohen Gadol Sanctifies His Hands and Feet

Before entering the ritual bath, the Kohen Gadol first sanctifies his hands and feet, pouring water on them from a golden vessel. Upon emerging from the ritual bath, he would again sanctify his hands and feet in the same manner.

Sanctifying Hands & Feet

Sanctifying the Hands and Feet

On all other days of the year, the Kohen Gadol would sanctify his hands and feet using a copper vessel. Only on Yom Kippur would he use a gold vessel for this purpose.

The Incense Altar

The Daily Incense Offering

On Yom Kippur The Kohen Gadol would make three separate offerings of incense. The first two offerings were done upon the golden incense altar located in the Kodesh, (the Sanctuary). Facing north, the High Priest pours the incense onto the altar, as the column of smoke rises.

Temple Courtyard

The Courtyard Fills with People

At dawn the gates are opened, and the people begin to pour in.

The Daily Offerings

The Yom Kippur Offerings

"You shall present a burnt offering for an appeasing fragrance to G-d: one young bull, one ram, and seven yearling sheep, making sure that all are devoid of blemish... There shall also be one goat for a sin offering..." (Numbers 29:11)