Yom Kippur: Table of Contents

Yom Kippur in the Holy Temple

Part 1


Preparations for the Day of Atonement

Intense Practice, Review and Study

Separation Seven Days in Advance

"Read Aloud Yourself"

The Climax Draws Near

The Elders of the Priesthood

An Oath Before Parting

Part 2

The Immersion of the Kohen Gadol

The Immersion of the Kohen Gadol (Continued)

The Kohen Gadol Sanctifies His Hands and Feet

Sanctifying the Hands and Feet

The Daily Incense Offering

The Courtyard Fills with People

The Yom Kippur Offerings


Part 3

The Yom Kippur Service

The Kohen Gadols' Oral Confession

The Ineffable Name of G-d

The Scapegoat

The Two Goats and the Lottery Box

Drawing the Lots

"Raise Up Your Right Hand!"


Part 4

The Fateful Lottery

Placing the Lots

A "Tongue of Crimson Wool"

The Miracle of the Crimson Wool

The Second Oral Confession

"Blessed be the Name of His glorious kingdom, for ever and ever."

The Bullock is Slaughtered


Part 5

Coals for the Incense

The Kohen Gadol's Steps Bear Witness to the Greatness of the Day

The Incense Service

Entering into the Sanctuary

Between the Curtains

In the Holy of Holies

Placing the Coals Down: First Temple



Part 6

Placing the Coals Down: Second Temple

The Most Difficult Task of All

Not Even One Grain May Fall

Placing the Incense on the Coals

The Kohen Gadol's "Short" Prayer

A Time for Brevity

Exiting - and Reentering

Sprinkling the Blood of the Bullock


Part 7

Sprinkling the Blood of the Bullock (continued)

Sprinkling the Blood of the Bullock (continued)

Slaughtering the Goat Designated "For HaShem"

Sprinkling Against the Curtain

Mixing the Two Together

"The Altar That is Before G-d"

Dispatching the Scapegoat


Part 8

The Confession

Across the Bridge

"Take Our Sins and Go!"

Ten Booths

Ten Booths (continued)

To the Cliff

The Scapegoat Dies


Part 9

The Scapegoat Dies (continued)

The Scouts' Signals

Reading from the Torah

The Burning of the Bull and Goat

Disposing of the White Vestments

A Celebration of Thanks

Ne'ilah: The Closing of the Gates

In Conclusion