Great Rabbis of our generation have visited the Temple Institute. Pictured above, (from the top, clockwise):HaRav hamekubbal, David Batsri, blowing on a silver trumpet, Rishon Letziyon Bakshi-Doron, with Rav Ariel, the Admor of Sedigora at the Institute Exhibit, the Bostonner Rebbe holding the Mizrak, Rishon Letziyon Mordechai Eliyahu, receiving Machzor Shavuot from Rav Ariel, Rishon Letziyon Mordechai Eliyahu on a Temple Institute fact-finding mission about the red heifer, Rav Schwartz speaking at the Institute annual conference, Chief rabbi Avraham Shapira scrutinizing an Institute display. From the center, clockwise: Rishon Letziyon Mordechai Eliyahu examining an Institute publication, the Admor of Sedigora, Chief rabbi of Haifa, She'ar Yishuv HaCohen at the Institute annual conference.