International Department

The International Department  of the Temple Institute is headed by Mr. Yitzchak Reuven.

The Torah testifies that the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was the spiritual center for all mankind. All of Israel's prophets foretell that in the future, the Holy Temple will once again stand on Mount Moriah, and at that time all nations will worship there together.

In our time, there is a great spiritual awakening concerning the importance of the Temple. The Temple Institute views this awakening as Divinely-inspired, and actively seeks to share the desire and knowledge of the Temple with people around the world, thereby laying the foundation for the spiritual revolution that will precipitate the rebuilding of the Holy Temple...and the fulfillment of this prophecy in our time.


Towards this goal, the Temple Institute has established a unique International Department, whose purpose is to help bring the light of the Holy Temple to a world that is seeking the presence of G-d. The International Department exists in order to provide knowledge, inspiration and information to all those who share in this vision, and to provide the opportunity to support and actively participate in projects of the Temple Institute.

Through its educational programs, materials and social media outreach, the Temple Institute provides direct access to the world of the Holy Temple. The International Department hosts, and participates in, lectures and Bible conferences around the world, and is featured in major media productions. The Temple Institute's English language website, is an ongoing project of this Department. Temple Talk, a weekly hour-long radio show on Israel National New's internet radio, is likewise, an International Department presentation, hosted by Yitzchak Reuven. The International Department also produces weekly Torah teachings on its YouTube channel and Facebook page.