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As part of our ongoing efforts  to educate and raise people's consciousness, the Temple Institute conducts aliyot, (lit: going up; making a pilgrimage), to the Temple Mount. These aliyot are conducted in accordance with halachic requirements, and take place during weekday mornings, as these are the only hours that Jews are presently allowed to frequent the Mount. Also, in keeping with the oppressive "rules" set by the Wakf, (the Muslim authority granted de facto control of the Temple Mount, by the Israeli government, since 1967), we are, under threat of "expulsion" from the Mount, not allowed to pray, carry any religious objects, or in any way intimate that we are engaged in worship, while on the Mount. In spite of these draconian restrictions, the aliyot are extremely meaningful, both as a spiritual experience, and also as educational experience, as one sees, close up how the Temple complex was laid out, where the Holy of Holies was located, where the Sanhedrin stood, and more. One is also witness to the continued illegal construction being conducted by the Wakf, and the deliberate destruction of archaeological remnants and the attempt to obliterate all historical traces of the Holy Temple. (For more information on the criminal acts of destruction being perpetrated by the Muslim Wakf, click here.)

In face of this deliberate aggression, and subsequent Israeli governments attempts to "compromise" on the "status" of the Mount, (that is, to hand over sovereignty to the Palestinian Authority), the daily presence of Jews on the Temple Mount, has taken on crucial significance. Our peaceful presence is testimony to the paramount significance of the Temple Mount to the Jewish people. No less importantly, our peaceful presence on the Mount is a daily reminder to the Israeli government, and to freedom loving people around the world, that our most fundamental and inalienable rights of freedom of worship are being denied.

The aliyot are led by Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Institute. Please note that it is forbidden for all people to set foot upon the actual location of the Holy Temple. Those Jews who visit the periphery of the Mount, motivated out of a desire to be as close to the holy place as possible, do so according to the strict requirements of Jewish law and do not actually set foot upon the sanctified areas. To see the route most commonly followed today, click here. Those wishing guidance in preparing to ascend the Mount in purity according to the Torah, or those who would like to arrange for a Torah-based tour of the Temple Mount, are invited to contact us at:

Rabbi Chaim Richman
The Temple Institute
PO Box 31876
Jerusalem, Israel

Tel: 972-(0)2-6242566
Fax: 972-(0)2-6242558

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