ilgrims carried firstfruit baskets upon their heads.

Carrying the Firstfruit Baskets

Pilgrims carried firstfruit baskets upon their heads.

Shavuot Animal Offrrings

Twenty Six Animal Offerings

Twenty six animals were offered upon the Temple altar on the festival of Shavuot. These included doves, lambs, and oxen.

Bringing Children to Jerusalem

Bringing the Children

Fathers would bring their children with them to the Holy Temple, thus fulfilling the biblical commandment: "Let each of your males be seen... " (Deut. 16:16)

The Favorite Fruits on Shavuot

The Favorite Fruits

Special seven tiered baskets were employed to display the firstfruits. The fruits were arranged in ascending order of importance: the bottom basket contained barley. This was followed by wheat, olives, dates, pomegranates,and figs. A dove was set on the top.

In the Holy Temple Courtyard

In the Temple Courtyard

Bringing their firstfruits into the Temple courtyard, the pilgrims would express their thanks to G-d - the source of all blessing.

Making the Declaration

The Declaration

"An Aramean destroyed my father..." (Deut, 26:5) Thus declared the pilgrim, standing before the priest, while holding his basket of firstfruits upon his shoulder.

Placing the Basket by the Altar

Placing the Basket by the Altar

The pilgrim would then place his basket by the altar, as it is written: "And you shall place it before HaShem, your G-d." (Deut. 26:11)

Waving the Basket of Fruit

Waving the Basket

The kohen would then take the basket and wave it as prescribed.

Pilgrim Prostrating before HaShem

Prostration before HaShem

Before leaving the Temple Courtyard, the pilgrim would prostrate himself before G-d.

Preparing the Shavuot Loaves

Making the Two Shavuot Loaves

Two loaves of leavened bread were offered on Shavuot, as a communal offering. The unground wheat was first rubbed by the kohanim...

Beating the Grain

Beating the Grain

The grain was then beaten by hand.