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The Temple Institute has acquired a copy of the Official 1925 Supreme Moslem Council (Wakf) Guide Book to the Temple Mount. Of particular interest is page four, paragraph two, in which the booklet admits proudly to the Temple Mount's inexorable connection to the Holy Temple built by King Solomon on land purchased by King David, complete with a reference to II Samuel 24:25.

In recent years the Moslem Wakf has come to deny the historic existence of the Holy Temple, claiming that the Temple Mount belongs solely to the Moslem nation, and that there exists no connection between the Jewish nation and the Temple Mount. It is clear from this pamphlet that the revised Wakf position strays from traditional Moslem acknowledgment of the Mount's Jewish antecedents. The current denial of historical reality is merely one tool in the war being waged by Moslems against the G-d of Israel and the entire "infidel" world.

A second reference to the Second Temple is made on page sixteen, again in the second paragraph describing the underground chamber known as Solomon's Stables. Quoting the Jewish historian Josephus, the document cites the "conquest of Jerusalem by Titus in the year 70 AD."

To download a facsimile of the entire sixteen page guidebook, please click here. (pdf file)




The same descriptions have been spotted in the 1950 edition of the Official Supreme Moslem Council (Wakf) Guide Book to the Temple Mount. To see a facsimile of the relevant pages, please click here. (pdf file)

This is significant because it was published two ywars after Israel gained independence. In other words, even after the Jewish settlement in the land of Israel had evolved into a recognized nation-state with an army and a rapidly growing population due to the influx of Jewish refugees from Arab states, the Official Supreme Moslem Council (Wakf) Guide Book to the Temple Mount remained true to the facts of history.


1954, 1965


The Temple Institute has also gained access to copies of the 1954 & 1965 Supreme Moslem Council Guide Book to the Temple Mount. In the 1954 edition the two unequivocal acknowledgments of the first and second Holy Temple had been completely expunged from the text. Inserted into the text (page 72) was a completely false account of Israel mortar shelling of the Al Aksa Mosque causing damage to the Mosque and killing an innocent worshipper. Although the mortar attack may have in fact taken place, its source would have been the Jordanian legion, which was heavily shelling the Jewish quarter adjacent to the Temple Mount. The nascent Israeli army was bereft of the ability to launch an attack of this nature. A 1965 edition of the guide book maintained the same false information. To see a facsimile of the relevant pages of the 1954 guide, please click here. (pdf file)

To see the 1965 guide, please click here. (pdf file)

Sometime between 1950 and 1954, the Moslem Wakf began its relentless efforts to falsify and rewrite the history of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The Temple Institute will continue to research the question of what year did the Wakf first falsify the text of its Temple Mount guidebook. We welcome the help of anyone who can obtain this information, and hereby acknowledge our gratitude to those who have brought the above information to our attention.




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