International Temple Mount Awareness Day

The following organizations are participating in the first annual
International Temple Mount Awareness Day:


Israel: The Temple Institute, Organization for the Renewal of the Temple (ORT), Women in Green, Matot Arim, Manhigut Yehudit, The Nascent Sanhedrin, The Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, The Organization for Human Rights on Temple Mount, Radio Free Nachlaot, El Har Hashem - The Temple Mount Advocacy Council, Israel National Radio

International: World Committee for the Land of Israel, Jewish Activists Network, Bnai Elim, All4Israel, Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI), Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors




The Temple Mount is the holiest place in the world; yet Jews and all non-Moslems are denied the right to pray in groups, and even as individuals; this refusal is accompanied by their constant degradation, and they are granted no opportunity for any religious expression whatsoever on the Temple Mount.


  Only Jews are forced to wait an extended period of time before being allowed through security.

  Only Jews are forced to present their ID’s to the police.

  Only Jews are followed and harassed by Israeli police and Muslim Wakf guards throughout the entire visit on the Mount.

  Only Jews are arrested for crimes such as prayer, closing eyes, bowing down or singing.

  The Prime Minister of Israel has failed to include the Temple Mount in his own "Heritage Plan," among those sites of historical, cultural and religious significance to the Jewish people, to receive enhanced government budgeting for the improvement of access, upkeep, and beautification of the sites.


The Mount has completely been abandoned to the Muslim Authorities and is used by Muslims for the following blasphemous activities:


  Illegal digs causing unparalleled destruction of archeological evidence of the Holy Temple and the historical Jewish presence on the Mount.

  Endless incitement against the Jewish State and Nation from within the Mosques.

  Physical attacks against Jews on the Mount and down below at the Western Wall



In response to this we are calling on all groups to unite to begin fighting this ongoing travesty. We are calling for a day of action to be known as “International Temple Mount Awareness Day." We have no illusions and we fully understand that a long battle is still in front of us, but yet we must begin the work. We must bring the Temple Mount back into our national heart and mind and begin to restore it to its former glory. Yes, this will be a long difficult path, but so was our return to Zion after 2,000 years of exile. Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents had their mission and we have ours.


  We call on Jews to arrive at the Temple Mount Mugrabi Gate, on the morning of March 16th, after immersion in a kosher mikveh, in accordance with Torah law, in order to ascend the Temple Mount. Please arrive at the gate no later than 7:15 am and please come wearing non-leather shoes in accordance with Torah law. In addition a guide will be available at 6:15am in the Rova square to escort men to the Shuvu Banim Mikveh in the old city. Please be on time. Gentiles are likewise invited and encouraged to join us! (Questions concerning the aliya, please email:,

  We call on Jews and Gentiles around the world to make known their disatisfaction with the ongoing injustice to the Prime Minister of Israel, by telephone, by fax, and by email.

  We call on Jews and Gentiles around the world to make March 16th, Rosh Chodesh Nisan, a day of solidarity with the Temple Mount and the prophetic vision of "a house of prayer for all nations."

  We call on Jews and Gentiles around the world to mark March 16th, Rosh Chodesh Nisan, by assembling in prayer and discussion, spreading the word and raising awareness about the injustices being committed on the Temple Mount. We suggest holding prayer vigils outside Israeli Consulates and the Embassies.


Phone, Fax and email the Prime Minister of Israel's office:


Public opinion and action does matter! The effect of your message to the Prime Minister's office will be felt. On March 16th we will flood the Prime Minister's office with our messages.


  Telephone number: 011-972-02-6705555

  Fax number: 011-972-02-5664838

  email address:
additional email address:


Please keep your message to the Prime Minister brief and respectful.
Below is a recommended email message:

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the Temple Mount. As you know, the Temple Mount is the holiest site in the world for the Jewish people, yet the Muslim authorities, aided by Israel Police, systematically deny the right of religious expression on the Mount to all non-Moslems. On numerous occasions the High Court of Justice has upheld the Jewish people’s right to pray at the site, yet the police continue to prevent this. Furthermore, Jewish visitors are harassed and degraded. This discrimination is a grave trampling of civil rights. Israeli law is not recognized by the Wakf authorities; illegal digging has destroyed priceless historical remnants of Jerusalem’s Jewish history.

Please, end this travesty and allow Jewish freedom of expression at the Temple Mount. I urge you include the Temple Mount in your “Heritage Plan” of sites significant to the Jewish people.



Why have we chosen Rosh Chodesh Nisan, the first day of the month of Nisan as International Temple Mount Awareness Day?


This day is the anniversary of the dedication of the Tabernacle.

This day is the first day of the Divine service.

This day is the day on which fire descended from Heaven onto the altar, and the first day in which the Shechina, the Divine Presence, rested in the Tabernacle.

Nisan is the month of Redemption, the month in which our forefathers were redeemed from Egyptian bondage. But the month is called so not only because of the upcoming Festival of Passover and our ancestors' passage from slavery to freedom. Tradition teaches that in the future, as well, the great and final redemption will take place in Nisan. Let us do our part to make it happen!

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