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Rabbi Chaim Richman in the USA, June 2012:



TODAY: Tyler, Texas - Wednesday, June 20 @ 7 PM

  • Congregation Ahavath Achim
  • 3501 South Donnybrook Tyler TX 75701
  • For more information: 903-561-6274


If you are attending Odessa, Texas, or any of the other venues, (see below), and are taking pictures, please share with us. We will post your pictures on our website and Facebook page. Please send your pictures to


"And He called to Moses, and Hashem spoke to him from the Tent of Meeting, saying, when a man among you... " (Lev. 1)

Who is the man who hears the voice?

"The voice of Hashem comes in power! The voice of Hashem comes in majesty! The voice of Hashem breaks the cedars, the voice of Hashem strips the forests bare, while in His Temple all will proclaim 'glory!'" (Psalms 29)

Who hears the voice?

Who hears the voice that calls out every day from Mount Sinai, "Make for Me a Sanctuary, and I will dwell among them?" (Ex. 25:8)

Who hears the voice that calls out, "because of My Temple which is ruined, while you run, each to his own house." (Haggai 1:9)

Of all the issues we confront today, there is only one which holds the key. The key to peace, prosperity, security, and fulfillment - the rebuilding of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, the place that G-d has chosen.

What is holding back the people of Israel from rebuilding the Temple today? How close are we? How will the nations of the world be affected? Are the obstacles really that insurmountable... or could we overcome them if we only try? Are we waiting for G-d to step in and perform a miracle... or is He waiting for us to take the initiative? How can this dream become a reality in our life time? What is the relationship between the promise of the Holy Temple, and major issues such as the peace process, Palestinian terror, America's relationship with Israel and the Iranian nuclear threat?

If you build it, he will come. With G-d's help Rabbi Richman will be visiting the United States this coming June to share the Torah's message of the immediate rebuilding of the Holy Temple, the source of blessing for the whole world.

Time to roll up our sleeves and get to work!






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